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Eagle Projects and Gold Awards

CUSP is honored to support Eagle Projects and Gold Awards.  We view the awards to be exceptional honors. Therefore, we are very selective when entering into these partnerships.  We likewise believe it is the scout’s responsibility to find a project and determine if the project and agency are the correct fit.  Active participation is required on the scout’s part to know, understand and implement a project to the best of their ability.

Please know that most Eagle Projects and Gold Awards require a minimum of three months to plan a successful project, and more often six months.

Our guidelines include:

  • A project site visit with the candidate and parent(s)
  • A brief research paper about the project; accurately cited
  • A letter of recommendation from an adult outside of family
  • A component of fundraising for project tools or materials

To contact CUSP regarding Eagle Projects and Gold Awards complete a volunteer request form.  We will promptly contact candidates to discuss project opportunities

Scout Troops are also welcomed on a variety of projects and should also request more information using the volunteer request form.


Eagle & Gold Guidelines


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