What To Expect

What to Expect:

Most project burn areas are in an exposed mountain environment.  Please be aware and prepared for potential hazards, including but not limited to: driving on mountainous roads with loose gravel and high flash flood potential; exposure to sun, wind, lightening and rapidly changing weather conditions; working with sharpened tools in areas with unstable terrain and footing; possible falling trees; and hiking at significant elevation.

Medications may have adverse effects in sun, heat or altitude; please list medications and medical conditions on the CUSP Liability Release form so staff may be aware of potential concerns. Know your limitations and inform staff immediately if you become ill or injured.

Be prepared to exit quickly in the event of an emergency or changing environmental conditions.  Please drink plenty of water prior to and during the project to avoid dehydration.  Please wear appropriate clothing; clothing may become stained or ruined.

All work is dependent upon environmental factors – unpredictable weather, runoff and soil movement may alter project and location details.

Important Notes:

  • CUSP will provide hard hats, tools and materials necessary to complete project work
  • Portable restroom(s) will be available on site – in most cases (you will be notified ahead of time if a restroom will not be available).
  • A safety review and work demonstration will precede all project work.
  • All CUSP field crew members are, at a minimum, first aid and CPR current.  First aid kits will be on site.
  • Weather, which could create hazardous conditions, may cause projects to be canceled or rescheduled; we will notify you of changes promptly, changes will also be posted at this site.

Please Bring:

Any applicable medicines (including epi-pens, insulin and inhalers)
Sun glasses or safety glasses
Work gloves
Work boots with ankle support
Long pants are required
Long sleeved shirts are strongly recommended
Water containers – the use of reusable containers is encouraged – refills will be provided
A sack lunch

Thank you for your offer to assist!


In hazardous areas we must strictly adhere to minimum age restrictions, which vary according to site.

Expectant mothers should check with their physician prior to attending projects in recently burned areas.
Pets are not allowed on any CUSP projects.
Please do not bring your own tools unless requested.
Please do not bring unregistered guests to projects.

Liability Release (needed for each volunteer) *  Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet  (for your group)

*Some Projects will require a site specific Liability Release, you will be informed if you are signing up for such a project.

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