CUSP has always had a strong focus on education. Many of the projects we are involved with will continue long after any one of us is gone. Stewardship is something that must be passed on. The issues facing this watershed, while right in front of our eyes, are often far from apparent. We send staff into classrooms and take students into the field.We offer many experiences that are not available inside a school room. River science and weed and plant field trips are two common student events we organize.
But education is not just for the young. Every volunteer event we organize is in itself a learning experience. Team leaders pass on much knowledge before and during the days' work. Often, the Volunteer groups themselves will consist of people with differing degrees of expertise and they will learn from each other. CUSP has a strong learning ethic within its staff as well, and hundreds of hours of training are undertaken each year. In many way, we are all still learning how to work within the eco-system and the best ways to benefit all of its parts and ourselves.
.Our service learning site provideds K-12 teachers with curriculum materials and opportunities to extend learning into the field.
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