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CUSP works on the control and eradication of noxious weeds throughout the watershed. Part of our involvement led to the creation of the UppperSouthPlatte-Weeds website. Not only does the site contain pages to aid in the identification and irradication of these noxious invaders-it also contains sophisticated data collection and geo-coding.
CUSP coordinates many projects in the field with schools and Volunteers. If you are interested in helping us control these invaders, which can compete with many native plants that wildlife depend on, sign up for a weed control project. This is a great way to help your watershed, and learn the latest techniques of weed eradication.
The plague of weeds we are experiencing in central Colorado is often the result of human activity- many are escaped ornamental plants, others are transported from one place to the next on vehicles. Seeds can hitch a ride and often they find new ranges where native plants have no defenses against them. That's what makes them invasive weeds.
The image on the right has hyperlinks that will take you to the pages on the Weed Site related to the plants depicted. If you recognize one- just click on it and learn more. The new page will open a new browser window, so you can easily return to this site.
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